1. Message from IDFPR Covid on Funeral Guidance - 5-4-20

2. Message from Cook County ME on decedent surge - 4-9-20

3. Message from VA Cemetery Administration on COVID impact - 4-2-20

4. Message from IAPE on PPE - 4-2-20    

5. Mark your calendar now - November 4, 2020 - FDSA Trade Show

6. Message from IDPH on COVID-19 Pandemic - 3-30-20

7. Message from EWA 3-25-20  

8. Message from ADI 3-23-20

9. Message from IDPH DVR - 3-18-20

10. Message from VA National Cemetery Administration - 3-17-20 

11. Message from Cook County Medical Examiner on COVID-19 Pandemic - 3-16-20

12. FDSA requests 60 day extension on Comptroller's Annual Statement of Funeral or Burial Trust Funds for all participating FDSA members.  

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13. Click here go to the members only page where you can download revised IDPH Funeral Director's Handbook for Death Certificate Corrections.   







FDSA Standing Committees include: 

Committee Responsibilities
Constitution and Bylaws Committee reviews and considers amendments presented to it by the Board of Directors or the Membership of this Association along with those amendments the committee may deem necessary and/or advisable, and reports its findings to the Board of Directors prior to their presentation to the membership of this association
Finance Committee reviews and projects the financial position of this Association; and to this end, it reviews the report of the auditor for each year prior to its being presented to the Board of Directors with its recommendations, reviews the financial structure and budgets of the association, creates and reviews a
five (5) year projection of the income and expenses of this association, and considers any other matters referred to it by Board of Directors or the membership of this association
Membership Committee studies and recommends ways and means to expand and strengthen membership in the association and recommends procedures to the Board of Directors under which prospective members may be informed of the membership benefits of the association
Nominating Committee prepares a slate of at least one (1) nominee for each office to be filled by election at the FDSA Annual Meeting
Past President's Advisory Committee consists of the Immediate Past President, who shall serve as Chair, and at least four (4) but not more than six (6) of the most recent Past FDSA Presidents - this committee devises and recommends to the Board of Directors strategic long range planning of FDSA programs and activities of in accordance with and in the furtherance of the FDSA purposes and objectives, considers any other matters referred to it by the Board of Directors or the Membership of this Association and reports its recommendations to the Board of Directors at least annually
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